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3 easy method of earnings in Instagram

3 easy ways to make money on Instagram
1. Implementation of tasks Likes and comments.

This is one of the easiest types of earnings on Instagram. There is no need to have a page with thousands of subscribers. It is enough to have an account with real data and a couple of photos. The main point is to put huskies under pictures, subscribe, write reviews and get paid for it, though insignificant. In this way, do not earn much. Maximum up to 100 rubles.

For such work, you need to register on a special site, where the user will be offered to complete the task, associated with Instagram.

2. Sale of Advertising.

This type of earnings is more efficient and much more is paid for it. However, there is one “but.” Accounts with 2 subscribers will not be suitable for such earnings. It will take at least a thousand real and active subscribers, constantly added posts.

It is clear that initially it is difficult to reach the necessary audience and a large number of subscribers. To speed up this process, it is better to use special services to attract a live audience to your instagram account,

An example of such a service is By setting up this service you will be able to provide a steady stream of visitors to your account and those who are interested in it will subscribe to you. For a month, with good account management, you can dial 3000 – 4000 subscribers

But there is one thing: if your account is new and you have a small number of subscribers, then visitors subscribe less willingly, for this you can use the initial payoff of subscribers, and add 2000 – 3000 thousand subscribers to the example and the response from visitors to your profile will be much higher.

Then you can offer advertising in your account.
Even famous people place advertising posts, so they get a lot of money. For example, Olga Buzova was only able to buy her own car through advertising. But even here, earnings are divided into 2 categories:

– For money. That is, a person places a post and gets real money for it. The cost of placing one post starts from 300 rubles.

– Barter. This is if a person receives a certain service for the placed advertisement. For example, if he advertised some kind of dental clinic, then he could make teeth instead of money.

3. Account management and SMM services.

This type of earnings can bring a person at least 10 thousand rubles per month. Only for this you have to spend about 5 hours on Instagram every day. The main point of making money is that the user has to promote a page of another in various ways. In total, this earnings have 2 categories:

– Account management. Responsibilities include posting, adding photos and replying to subscribers’ messages through another account.

– Attracting subscribers. You can earn, for example, by asking your friends to join or advertise the page in other groups and sites. Or wind up subscribers using bots.

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