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5 Methods to promote the channel on YouTube

5 methods to promote the channel on YouTube

YouTube – the famous video hosting, which is visited daily by millions of users. Some visit YouTube to get the goods, others offer this product. Under the product can be meant anything. Videos, music, money, items and more. Due to the great competition, there is a need to somehow stand out from the mass of many thousands. Five ways to stand out from this crowd will be discussed.

Pouring video on your channel is not enough. Needless to say, it will not start typing views. Therefore, each new movie should be given a kick in the ass. From the strength and quality of your kick will depend on the effectiveness of the promotion of your channel as a whole.

1- Optimize your commercials.

As soon as you upload your video to the channel, you are provided with many empty points to fill in with information about your creation. It is very important to fill in all the points whenever possible. The more you provide information about your video, the easier it will be for YouTube to promote it.

Write short and memorable video titles. Before you publish the title, enter it into the search engine and make sure that it is unique and this name is not found anywhere else. It is very difficult and long, but it is worth it.

The description of the video should indicate the keywords to which all search queries will refer. Two or three would be enough. But they should be not just words through a dot, but beautifully connected in the text of the description itself. Be sure to put links to other videos, on a subscription, to the mail. So that the viewer knows how to contact you. As practice shows, few people pay attention to the description before watching the video. Therefore, it is worth pointing out not only the description of the video, but such information that will be interesting to the visitor after viewing.

Hash tags. These should be treated very carefully. Only beat tags that are specific to your video. Otherwise, people will simply pass by, not even paying attention to your creation. They should be short and informative, not more than three words.

Final screensavers and tips. They are extremely undesirable to neglect. At least at the end of the video, leave a link to your other video and subscribe to the channel. Also do not forget to put a hint for viewers. This can be the same link or any other information.

2- Making a video.

This item is the main picture of your video. Since modern people are rather lazy, many YouTube visitors do not even read the title or the description. And they press on the first picture you like, as long as it is associated with their request. Here you have the task, to make a picture so that the hand itself moves the mouse cursor to your picture. It should be bright and attractive. Since there is no time to consider a picture in particular, there should be a minimum of text and objects in it. It is better to make one two objects and make them large for the whole picture. In general, this work is limited only by your imagination.

3- Spread your channel info.

The fact that you publish videos on the channel, few people know. Therefore, you need to declare yourself. Register in all social networks. And publish your work there. Look for similar groups and send your work there. Find thematic forums and publish there. Spread your creation all over the internet. And after your long hard work, your work will work for you already. The people who picked up your video will themselves distribute the video to others.

4- Shoot video more often.

Do this at a time when you just want to do it. Invest a lot of feelings and emotions in your work. Doing this qualitatively and much, that’s what you need in any job. Do not make the conveyor, the audience is very quickly tired. Try to find that golden mean for yourself where you can do it as often as possible and with high quality.

5 –Communicate with the audience.

Encourage him to take any action. Let it be a vote, repost, likes, subscription. Interact with them. People like it when they feel like a piece of something. Yes, and you will be pleased when you are not alone create something more than just a channel. Usually, the impulse to action put in the end of the video. But not everyone watches the videos to the end. Therefore, it is better to suggest an action at the beginning, and at the end to remind about it.

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