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9 steps how to recruit 1000 YouTube subscribers

9 steps how to get 1000 YouTube subscribers

9 steps how to recruit 1000 YouTube subscribers

By directing as much external traffic as possible to your video on YouTube, it is possible to increase the number of views and, accordingly, subscribers. The fact is that your channel is now unknown, and by sending emails with links to videos in the newsletter service, you create the opportunity for viewing. Having a popular page on social networks gives you the opportunity to post a post on video. So for free, you can increase the number of subscribers.

• You need to make your channel with high quality and according to all the rules. More than 60% of all subscribers decide to subscribe only on the main page of such a channel, after watching videos. The title and heading corresponding to the subject of the channel should be noticeable and memorable. Photo to video better to make out in the same style. It should be not just frames from the video, but a photo denoting the theme of the video. Such chips will increase the set of subscriptions.

• It is necessary to select up to one hundred keywords, the query for which will be sent to your channel. And shooting, focused on these words, will be the key to success. Shoot everything and strive to gain subscribers will not work. Focus on topics and queries that pop up more often in a search engine. Offer viewers exactly what they want to see. After reviewing requests for views, you can easily dial up to 100 topics and shoot a video on them. The target audience is provided to you, it will be easy for her to find you. So you get new views and new subscribers, you can shoot other topics. There are services that will help you create keywords for shooting movies. This is the wordstart from Yandex and the scheduler from Google AdWords.

• Competent analysis of competitors on YouTube channels will help in promoting your content. The more interesting the video, the more it has views and uses more traffic. From the comments under the video you can learn about the shortcomings made in the video. This will help avoid your own mistakes, and positive feedback will indicate what needs to be added to your work. Such an analysis will positively affect the quality of your clips.

• At that stage, when there are no subscribers at all, your task will be to shoot as many interesting materials as possible and publish them more often on your channel so that the audience can, though by chance, get on your content. Your video will be in the list of similar videos.

• At first, it is not worth spending a lot of time on editing and animation. Even the video captured on the phone will be worthy of attention if it contains interesting information. It’s better to make several videos at the same time than to work on one. It is interesting content that will become a tool for promoting an increase in the number of subscribers.

• In each video, do not forget to invite to subscribe to the channel. Without such treatment, people just look and go, but you just do not have enough views, subscriptions are important. Therefore, the call to subscribe becomes the main tool for attracting subscribers.

• Registration in the maximum number of social. networks will help to place the maximum possible number of posts. The video will be distributed over the Internet, and your channel will recruit subscribers. Placing a link or the video itself will take no more than 5 minutes, as a result – a steady increase in the number of fans of the channel.

• Do not stop work, even if some efforts do not bear fruit, and there is no visible set of subscribers. Counting on quick results and quick earnings, but not having received either one or the other, you will want to give up and give up. Therefore, it is difficult morally to collect your first thousand. Continue to shoot, do not give up the positions, see for yourself how one day everything will change for the better and your work will bear the first fruits.

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