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9 steps how to recruit 1000 YouTube subscribers

9 steps how to get 1000 YouTube subscribers

9 steps how to recruit 1000 YouTube subscribers

By directing as much external traffic as possible to your video on YouTube, it is possible to increase the number of views and, accordingly, subscribers. The fact is that your channel is now unknown, and by sending emails with links to videos in the newsletter service, you create the opportunity for viewing. Having a popular page on social networks gives you the opportunity to post a post on video. So for free, you can increase the number of subscribers.

• You need to make your channel with high quality and according to all the rules. More than 60% of all subscribers decide to subscribe only on the main page of such a channel, after watching videos. The title and heading corresponding to the subject of the channel should be noticeable and memorable. Photo to video better to make out in the same style. It should be not just frames from the video, but a photo denoting the theme of the video. Such chips will increase the set of subscriptions.

• It is necessary to select up to one hundred keywords, the query for which will be sent to your channel. And shooting, focused on these words, will be the key to success. Shoot everything and strive to gain subscribers will not work. Focus on topics and queries that pop up more often in a search engine. Offer viewers exactly what they want to see. After reviewing requests for views, you can easily dial up to 100 topics and shoot a video on them. The target audience is provided to you, it will be easy for her to find you. So you get new views and new subscribers, you can shoot other topics. There are services that will help you create keywords for shooting movies. This is the wordstart from Yandex and the scheduler from Google AdWords.

• Competent analysis of competitors on YouTube channels will help in promoting your content. The more interesting the video, the more it has views and uses more traffic. From the comments under the video you can learn about the shortcomings made in the video. This will help avoid your own mistakes, and positive feedback will indicate what needs to be added to your work. Such an analysis will positively affect the quality of your clips.

• At that stage, when there are no subscribers at all, your task will be to shoot as many interesting materials as possible and publish them more often on your channel so that the audience can, though by chance, get on your content. Your video will be in the list of similar videos.

• At first, it is not worth spending a lot of time on editing and animation. Even the video captured on the phone will be worthy of attention if it contains interesting information. It’s better to make several videos at the same time than to work on one. It is interesting content that will become a tool for promoting an increase in the number of subscribers.

• In each video, do not forget to invite to subscribe to the channel. Without such treatment, people just look and go, but you just do not have enough views, subscriptions are important. Therefore, the call to subscribe becomes the main tool for attracting subscribers.

• Registration in the maximum number of social. networks will help to place the maximum possible number of posts. The video will be distributed over the Internet, and your channel will recruit subscribers. Placing a link or the video itself will take no more than 5 minutes, as a result – a steady increase in the number of fans of the channel.

• Do not stop work, even if some efforts do not bear fruit, and there is no visible set of subscribers. Counting on quick results and quick earnings, but not having received either one or the other, you will want to give up and give up. Therefore, it is difficult morally to collect your first thousand. Continue to shoot, do not give up the positions, see for yourself how one day everything will change for the better and your work will bear the first fruits.

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Instagram Secrets: Getting to more Subscribers!

Instagram Secrets: Getting to more Subscribers!

Instagram Secrets: Getting Subscribers!

Businessmen, bloggers and ordinary users are wondering how to attract subscribers to Instagram without. It is rather simple to make it, however it is necessary to adhere to several simple rules. That they will be discussed in this article.

Ways to attract. What to do?

1. First, make a portrait of the target audience, groups of people who are interested in the subject of your page. The success in attracting subscribers depends directly on how clearly the portrait of Central Asia is visible.

2. Compare competitors ‘accounts, analyze the target audience, focus on the more attention, explore the interaction of subscribers with competitors’ accounts. Identify which methods are ineffective and which ones bring real effect and arouse the interest of the public.

3. An important role is played by the account profile. Create a profile with an interesting enticing design. After all, the number of subscribers will depend on how effectively the profile is designed. Your page should cling to the user starting with a “header”.

4. Think of a strategy for moving forward a month. Planning is the basis of success. Plan in advance the content for publication, think for the plan “large strokes”. These will be stories, contests, informational posts, entertainment posts selling posts. Create catchy photos or images. Do not forget the story.

5. Publication of posts. Before you write a post, take a picture or photo (optional). In no case should not download content from the Internet. The picture or photo must be original and in good quality. Posts publish 1-2 times a day. This is necessary for the activity of subscribers. Don’t forget about hashtags. Hashtags are used so that a potential subscriber can find you easily.

6. Once the profile is ready, the target audience is clearly visible, you can start the offensive. Actively comment on events in which perhaps Central Asia is active, like photos, write comments, select an account among other accounts.

7. Subscribe to accounts of the target audience, communicate with subscribers, study the profile of your subscribers, comment on the posts of the target audience with interest. Sociability is the key to success in attracting subscribers. You can create a newsletter for subscribers, which will offer, for example, bonuses for the first purchase in your store (if we are talking about business accounts).

8. Arrange contests, please subscribers with gifts. Come up with the conditions of competitions in order to attract as many subscribers as possible. All sorts of practical jokes offering to get something for free work extremely efficiently.

9. Spread the story, go live. Determine when the target audience is most active (this can be done using the built-in Instagram analytics). Make up a meaningful, entertaining story using stickers.


Accumulation of subscribers does not occur in one day, you need a well-thought-out, changing strategy that you follow. Do not allow your account to remain inactive. Daily work and constancy – the key to a successful result.

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5 Methods to promote the channel on YouTube

5 methods to promote the channel on YouTube

YouTube – the famous video hosting, which is visited daily by millions of users. Some visit YouTube to get the goods, others offer this product. Under the product can be meant anything. Videos, music, money, items and more. Due to the great competition, there is a need to somehow stand out from the mass of many thousands. Five ways to stand out from this crowd will be discussed.

Pouring video on your channel is not enough. Needless to say, it will not start typing views. Therefore, each new movie should be given a kick in the ass. From the strength and quality of your kick will depend on the effectiveness of the promotion of your channel as a whole.

1- Optimize your commercials.

As soon as you upload your video to the channel, you are provided with many empty points to fill in with information about your creation. It is very important to fill in all the points whenever possible. The more you provide information about your video, the easier it will be for YouTube to promote it.

Write short and memorable video titles. Before you publish the title, enter it into the search engine and make sure that it is unique and this name is not found anywhere else. It is very difficult and long, but it is worth it.

The description of the video should indicate the keywords to which all search queries will refer. Two or three would be enough. But they should be not just words through a dot, but beautifully connected in the text of the description itself. Be sure to put links to other videos, on a subscription, to the mail. So that the viewer knows how to contact you. As practice shows, few people pay attention to the description before watching the video. Therefore, it is worth pointing out not only the description of the video, but such information that will be interesting to the visitor after viewing.

Hash tags. These should be treated very carefully. Only beat tags that are specific to your video. Otherwise, people will simply pass by, not even paying attention to your creation. They should be short and informative, not more than three words.

Final screensavers and tips. They are extremely undesirable to neglect. At least at the end of the video, leave a link to your other video and subscribe to the channel. Also do not forget to put a hint for viewers. This can be the same link or any other information.

2- Making a video.

This item is the main picture of your video. Since modern people are rather lazy, many YouTube visitors do not even read the title or the description. And they press on the first picture you like, as long as it is associated with their request. Here you have the task, to make a picture so that the hand itself moves the mouse cursor to your picture. It should be bright and attractive. Since there is no time to consider a picture in particular, there should be a minimum of text and objects in it. It is better to make one two objects and make them large for the whole picture. In general, this work is limited only by your imagination.

3- Spread your channel info.

The fact that you publish videos on the channel, few people know. Therefore, you need to declare yourself. Register in all social networks. And publish your work there. Look for similar groups and send your work there. Find thematic forums and publish there. Spread your creation all over the internet. And after your long hard work, your work will work for you already. The people who picked up your video will themselves distribute the video to others.

4- Shoot video more often.

Do this at a time when you just want to do it. Invest a lot of feelings and emotions in your work. Doing this qualitatively and much, that’s what you need in any job. Do not make the conveyor, the audience is very quickly tired. Try to find that golden mean for yourself where you can do it as often as possible and with high quality.

5 –Communicate with the audience.

Encourage him to take any action. Let it be a vote, repost, likes, subscription. Interact with them. People like it when they feel like a piece of something. Yes, and you will be pleased when you are not alone create something more than just a channel. Usually, the impulse to action put in the end of the video. But not everyone watches the videos to the end. Therefore, it is better to suggest an action at the beginning, and at the end to remind about it.

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3 easy method of earnings in Instagram

3 easy ways to make money on Instagram
1. Implementation of tasks Likes and comments.

This is one of the easiest types of earnings on Instagram. There is no need to have a page with thousands of subscribers. It is enough to have an account with real data and a couple of photos. The main point is to put huskies under pictures, subscribe, write reviews and get paid for it, though insignificant. In this way, do not earn much. Maximum up to 100 rubles.

For such work, you need to register on a special site, where the user will be offered to complete the task, associated with Instagram.

2. Sale of Advertising.

This type of earnings is more efficient and much more is paid for it. However, there is one “but.” Accounts with 2 subscribers will not be suitable for such earnings. It will take at least a thousand real and active subscribers, constantly added posts.

It is clear that initially it is difficult to reach the necessary audience and a large number of subscribers. To speed up this process, it is better to use special services to attract a live audience to your instagram account,

An example of such a service is By setting up this service you will be able to provide a steady stream of visitors to your account and those who are interested in it will subscribe to you. For a month, with good account management, you can dial 3000 – 4000 subscribers

But there is one thing: if your account is new and you have a small number of subscribers, then visitors subscribe less willingly, for this you can use the initial payoff of subscribers, and add 2000 – 3000 thousand subscribers to the example and the response from visitors to your profile will be much higher.

Then you can offer advertising in your account.
Even famous people place advertising posts, so they get a lot of money. For example, Olga Buzova was only able to buy her own car through advertising. But even here, earnings are divided into 2 categories:

– For money. That is, a person places a post and gets real money for it. The cost of placing one post starts from 300 rubles.

– Barter. This is if a person receives a certain service for the placed advertisement. For example, if he advertised some kind of dental clinic, then he could make teeth instead of money.

3. Account management and SMM services.

This type of earnings can bring a person at least 10 thousand rubles per month. Only for this you have to spend about 5 hours on Instagram every day. The main point of making money is that the user has to promote a page of another in various ways. In total, this earnings have 2 categories:

– Account management. Responsibilities include posting, adding photos and replying to subscribers’ messages through another account.

– Attracting subscribers. You can earn, for example, by asking your friends to join or advertise the page in other groups and sites. Or wind up subscribers using bots.

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Trends SMM 2019. Current news of the year

Тренды SMM 2019. Актуальные новинки года

Social networks continue to evolve. Availability and a huge number of users makes them the most attractive for the promotion of goods and services. New trends will help keep the attention of the audience.
• A complex approach. Using not only social networks, but also other sites to attract the target audience will help to interest the consumer. These can be sites, instant messengers, blogs.
• Messengers. The ability to send videos, pictures, documents and other files has increased the popularity of these services. They do not need high-speed Internet, they do not take up much space in the device’s memory, they are convenient and easy to use. The development of messaging programs has led to the fact that instant messengers have become indispensable assistants in the business sphere.
• Blogs and personal pages. The audience is much more pleasant to communicate with a real person than with the community page. People have the opportunity to see who sells goods or services to them. This increases confidence. Live active subscribers appear.
• Long texts and videos are becoming popular again. With their help, you can convince the viewer that the entrepreneur understands the topic. Volume articles and lengthy videos delay visitors to the page longer, which is important. Convenient for users, they do not need to collect information from different sources, if it is in one place.
• Stories. Vkontakte and Instagram stories are very popular and their popularity will only grow. Instagram recently connected two more stories: Highlights Stories and Shopping Stories.
Highlights Stories. A novelty that allows you to create albums – collections of video stories and post them on your page.
Shopping Stories. Now sellers can attach special stickers to goods in stories, allowing them to go to the company’s website.
• Audio format. 70% of users for the fact that the product had a “voice”. They want not only to see his description, but also to hear.
• Interactive. Games, quizzes, discussions and tests attract people. Users like to “try on” situations, goods, express their opinions. Plus, interactive content has a “viral” effect and quickly attracts new subscribers.
• Gifts for action. The familiar scheme “repost, subscription, like = reward” does not lose its relevance. Pleasant bonuses attract a large number of new subscribers.
• Chat – bots are very popular and convenient. Developers are adding more and more features. Bots will help users to answer simple questions, will be engaged in sending messages, perform simple operations. The client can obtain the necessary information at any convenient time.
• YouTube. Video hosting users have mastered the age of 45+. This age group usually buys more. Competent speech and a pleasant voice are very important for the video, as well as quality. If a person is hard to hear or see, he is likely to switch to another seller.
• Quality content. Useful texts, unique images, photos and entertaining videos will always attract customers. Users have become more discriminating in choosing information and do not linger on typical or simply low-quality content. Quality content is determined by the simplicity of perception, literacy and confirmation of information. The user must be sure of the reliability of the material. The truth of the content plays a big role.
And, of course, the main trend at all times is trust. Sincerity and responsiveness, lively real communication. The buyer must be confident in the integrity of the seller, in the quality of its services or goods.