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How to get followers on Instagram

How to get followers on Instagram

How to get followers on Instagram

One may post as many high-quality, professionally written posts and photos, but if there are a few subscribers, then the business will not move a single step. There are several ways to get followers on Instagram.

Subscriptions, likes, comments. This is perhaps the most difficult path to popularity, but the most justified and effective. It is necessary to try to subscribe to people as much as possible every day, but it is worth considering the restriction in subscriptions, not more than 1000 people per day. There are also restrictions on likes too – no more than 999. But whom to add, so that people are not just listed as subscriptions, but become potential buyers and where to find them. there were first interested people, you can safely subscribe to them. They are clearly interested in products of this kind and they will sign either out of courtesy or they will be interested in products, which is even better. You also need to make sure that the number of subscriptions is approximately equal to the number of subscribers, then it is clear that the page is interesting and everyone will unwittingly want to subscribe in response.

Write comments under popular posts. This is another way to attract attention. But the comment text itself is important here, you should pay attention to it, it should reflect the essence of the photo, but you should feel the message of the products being sold. It sounds difficult, but you can try to promote your own sales.

By the way, studying the pages of competitors is also a good idea. According to their posts and comments under them, one can understand what is in great demand and what is generally non-marketable. Thus, it allows you to learn from others’ blunders.

No need to neglect the story. You need to post them several times a day, so the page will always be in front of subscribers. But you shouldn’t abuse it either, nobody likes endlessly scrolling endless mini-videos.

To create activity on the page you need to post posts when most of the subscribers are online. How to find out To do this, you need to enable statistics – a special feature in the profile settings.

It is also good to take part in various marathons. There are not indifferent active people involved and there is a large percentage of the likelihood that they will become interested in the product page.

Cheat subscribers. You can resort to using robots, they will comment and like other people. You can even put a filter on your city or tag, and you can even steal subscribers from competitors.

Following these recommendations, you can easily recruit subscribers from your target audience.

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