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Instagram Secrets: Getting to more Subscribers!

Instagram Secrets: Getting to more Subscribers!

Instagram Secrets: Getting Subscribers!

Businessmen, bloggers and ordinary users are wondering how to attract subscribers to Instagram without. It is rather simple to make it, however it is necessary to adhere to several simple rules. That they will be discussed in this article.

Ways to attract. What to do?

1. First, make a portrait of the target audience, groups of people who are interested in the subject of your page. The success in attracting subscribers depends directly on how clearly the portrait of Central Asia is visible.

2. Compare competitors ‘accounts, analyze the target audience, focus on the more attention, explore the interaction of subscribers with competitors’ accounts. Identify which methods are ineffective and which ones bring real effect and arouse the interest of the public.

3. An important role is played by the account profile. Create a profile with an interesting enticing design. After all, the number of subscribers will depend on how effectively the profile is designed. Your page should cling to the user starting with a “header”.

4. Think of a strategy for moving forward a month. Planning is the basis of success. Plan in advance the content for publication, think for the plan “large strokes”. These will be stories, contests, informational posts, entertainment posts selling posts. Create catchy photos or images. Do not forget the story.

5. Publication of posts. Before you write a post, take a picture or photo (optional). In no case should not download content from the Internet. The picture or photo must be original and in good quality. Posts publish 1-2 times a day. This is necessary for the activity of subscribers. Don’t forget about hashtags. Hashtags are used so that a potential subscriber can find you easily.

6. Once the profile is ready, the target audience is clearly visible, you can start the offensive. Actively comment on events in which perhaps Central Asia is active, like photos, write comments, select an account among other accounts.

7. Subscribe to accounts of the target audience, communicate with subscribers, study the profile of your subscribers, comment on the posts of the target audience with interest. Sociability is the key to success in attracting subscribers. You can create a newsletter for subscribers, which will offer, for example, bonuses for the first purchase in your store (if we are talking about business accounts).

8. Arrange contests, please subscribers with gifts. Come up with the conditions of competitions in order to attract as many subscribers as possible. All sorts of practical jokes offering to get something for free work extremely efficiently.

9. Spread the story, go live. Determine when the target audience is most active (this can be done using the built-in Instagram analytics). Make up a meaningful, entertaining story using stickers.


Accumulation of subscribers does not occur in one day, you need a well-thought-out, changing strategy that you follow. Do not allow your account to remain inactive. Daily work and constancy – the key to a successful result.

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