Instagram – Mass Direct Message Share Min 500 Max 500k

Price : $0,0360 for 1 Message

Link to the post to be attached to the post. (Required)

Enter one User Name / “Competitor Account” of the subscribers whose subscribers you want to mark on the publication. Without input @. Example: enter “shayne” instead of “@shayne”.

Minimum order of 500 pcs.
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Mass messaging in Direct

You can massively send a message to Direct, specify any account instagram, for example, “Competitor Account” and all its subscribers, automatically, a message will be sent to Direct, which you specify.

You need to select or create a post (post) to attach it to the list.
Let’s prepare the text for the message.
Select your account instagram, subscribers which we want to mark under this post.

Very important!!!

Very important!!! after completing the order, you need to send the list of users according to the order quantity to [email protected]

the contractor has the right not to provide a report on the performance of a number of works / functions. the task will be completed within 48-120 hours (depending on the number of queue orders in the system).
Example: “Account Analysis”, “Bulk Marking on Publications”, “Bulk Direct Mailing”, due to a number of technical features of the platform. Such a report may be provided in part or not.

Bulk mailing to Direct:
If the mailing was done according to the base you collected, which you provided, or ordered from the subscribers of another account, then it is impossible to get a visual report that it was made, in view of the peculiarities of the Instagram algorithm, which the performer cannot influence.

When choosing a newsletter, for example, at 5000 marks, you need to select an account with 5000 or more subscribers. If you select a package of 5000 tags and specify an account on which, for example, 4700 or 4995 subscribers, the system will not work and the subscribers of this account will not be marked.

It is important that on the account that you indicate subscribers have more than the number of marks that you buy.

How can I check that the mailing occurred?

Since Instagram doesn’t allow you to send many messages from one account, this mailing is done from many special accounts for which we use different IP and proxy servers, it is impossible to see all sent messages
The system creates special groups for distribution from the specified database and includes your account in some of them, so that you can be sure that the distribution has occurred.
At the end of the newsletter, you can see them in your Direct, in which a group message will appear, 10-15 groups of 15 people in each group that you are in.

Как настроить массовые рассылки в Direct instagram?


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