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Tips to get followers on Facebook

Tips to get followers on Facebook

Tips to get followers on Facebook
1. Look for new friends in such reputable groups. Invite your friends to join the business pages (groups). In general, add 20-30 people every day.

2. Send personal greetings to every new friend. Keep in touch with them. This indicates that friends are important to you.

3. Offer to subscribe to the business page of those users who have chosen your publications. Most people do not use this effective trick. Here’s how it works:

Go to your company’s Facebook page and click on the number of preferences for any post.

After that, a small screen will appear, which will allow you to “Invite” people who have fallen in love or distributed a specific post, also subscribe to your page. By inviting users in this way, you can easily get from 20 to 50% conversion due to the publications you like.

4. Advertising a company page in email newsletters is another great idea how to get followers on Facebook. Simply place the pictogram in an email newsletter and encourage readers to subscribe to your business page on the social network.

5. As often as possible, post beautiful photos and videos, because this content is the most popular on Facebook. Share news and achievements of the company with users. It causes interest and trust of people.

6. Ask to like or repost. It seems that it is too simple and inefficient. But it works. Ask your subscribers to love and share your posts. The more people see your page, the more subscribers you will get.

7. Take advantage of Facebook tools. On Facebook, you can select an audience for specific updates, and the selection criteria may be age, gender, place of residence, marital status, education, language, or specific interests. You can segment individual publications by these criteria. All you need to do is click the little symbol at the bottom of the post that you want to publish. Here you can immediately determine which audience will see the publications, and select users who, in your opinion, will not have interesting content.

8. Cooperate with other similar groups. Leave daily positive comments on posts in groups that interest you. Join such groups. Also, regularly answer questions from other group owners in your industry. Of course, it will attract their audience.

9. Do not forget the hashtags. In Instagram, posts with more hashtags get more interests (preferences and reposts), but not so much from Facebook. Here, the use of 1–2 hashtags for each publication is considered optimal. Marketers even claim that hashtag content is usually poorly perceived compared to messages without them.

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