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Trends SMM 2019. Current news of the year

Тренды SMM 2019. Актуальные новинки года

Social networks continue to evolve. Availability and a huge number of users makes them the most attractive for the promotion of goods and services. New trends will help keep the attention of the audience.
• A complex approach. Using not only social networks, but also other sites to attract the target audience will help to interest the consumer. These can be sites, instant messengers, blogs.
• Messengers. The ability to send videos, pictures, documents and other files has increased the popularity of these services. They do not need high-speed Internet, they do not take up much space in the device’s memory, they are convenient and easy to use. The development of messaging programs has led to the fact that instant messengers have become indispensable assistants in the business sphere.
• Blogs and personal pages. The audience is much more pleasant to communicate with a real person than with the community page. People have the opportunity to see who sells goods or services to them. This increases confidence. Live active subscribers appear.
• Long texts and videos are becoming popular again. With their help, you can convince the viewer that the entrepreneur understands the topic. Volume articles and lengthy videos delay visitors to the page longer, which is important. Convenient for users, they do not need to collect information from different sources, if it is in one place.
• Stories. Vkontakte and Instagram stories are very popular and their popularity will only grow. Instagram recently connected two more stories: Highlights Stories and Shopping Stories.
Highlights Stories. A novelty that allows you to create albums – collections of video stories and post them on your page.
Shopping Stories. Now sellers can attach special stickers to goods in stories, allowing them to go to the company’s website.
• Audio format. 70% of users for the fact that the product had a “voice”. They want not only to see his description, but also to hear.
• Interactive. Games, quizzes, discussions and tests attract people. Users like to “try on” situations, goods, express their opinions. Plus, interactive content has a “viral” effect and quickly attracts new subscribers.
• Gifts for action. The familiar scheme “repost, subscription, like = reward” does not lose its relevance. Pleasant bonuses attract a large number of new subscribers.
• Chat – bots are very popular and convenient. Developers are adding more and more features. Bots will help users to answer simple questions, will be engaged in sending messages, perform simple operations. The client can obtain the necessary information at any convenient time.
• YouTube. Video hosting users have mastered the age of 45+. This age group usually buys more. Competent speech and a pleasant voice are very important for the video, as well as quality. If a person is hard to hear or see, he is likely to switch to another seller.
• Quality content. Useful texts, unique images, photos and entertaining videos will always attract customers. Users have become more discriminating in choosing information and do not linger on typical or simply low-quality content. Quality content is determined by the simplicity of perception, literacy and confirmation of information. The user must be sure of the reliability of the material. The truth of the content plays a big role.
And, of course, the main trend at all times is trust. Sincerity and responsiveness, lively real communication. The buyer must be confident in the integrity of the seller, in the quality of its services or goods.

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