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What social networks to use in SMM promotion

What social networks to use in SMM promotion
What social networks to use in SMM promotion

Using social networks to promote your business has long been the norm. That’s just every entrepreneur wonders what network to choose. Many advertising agencies advise using several channels at once. But the choice should still be made on the basis of the characteristics of the work of a particular network and the scope of the business being promoted. Consider the main social networks and try to determine which ones and in which cases will be the most effective.

Facebook is the most popular and universal social network that covers a wide audience. At the same time, Facebook has the largest number of active users. It is known that the main audience lives in the European region and its age is 25-35 years.

According to Facebook analysts, today the most successful promotion companies have received financial services, sports and education, auto business, gaming, pharmaceutical, restaurant and communications companies.

Quite a popular network among young audiences. She also has a high active attendance. Its difference is the visualization of content, so Instagram is actively used by representatives of creative professions and service business. Among them may be beauty salons, art studios, dance groups, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues, travel agencies, photo labs, etc.

In addition, now you can easily turn your Instagram page into a business account, which gives you even more opportunities for promotion.

One of the new social networks, which quickly gained popularity among Russian-speaking users. The average age of the audience is 20-30 years. Many companies use Telegram to provide consulting services, technical support, as well as for sales. The capabilities of the Telegram channels are actively used by language schools and educational organizations, health care institutions, consulting and personnel agencies.

VKontakte is so popular among Russian-speaking audience that it can quite compete with Facebook. In this network, new features are constantly added that do not lag behind the requirements of users, so the business continues to turn here for promotion.

VKontakte advantageous to open an online store, service center, travel agency. Here you can find the pages of any institution of medicine or education, entertainment centers and other small businesses. The main thing is that an environment for live communication with the audience is created here, which allows you to quickly respond to their needs and expectations.

And this platform will be interesting to those who have something to show their potential customers, since the main content is video. YouTube has gained great popularity in the educational field of any direction. But companies that post videos on YouTube are still working in parallel on other social networks. Communicating with the audience more turns out that way.

Another example of a visual channel that is still underdeveloped among Russian-speaking audiences. But this social network is well known to people of creative professions. Pinterest is actively used by artists, designers, photographers, fashion designers, hairdressers, artists, as well as beauty salons, film and photo studios, cafes and restaurants, creative workshops.

Content posted on Pinterest often has an image character.

Another popular social network in the West, which does not lose its relevance today. Many large companies conduct their accounts here. But most of all, Twitter is used by the media, political and public organizations, and IT companies.

The choice of a social network for any business is individual. The effectiveness of the chosen promotion channel will depend on how quickly the user becomes a subscriber and a regular customer. In any case, the activity of subscribers must be constantly monitored using special tools. Based on this analysis, an adjustment of the content and a general user behavior strategy is required.

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